New York Abstract

2006 - 2011

Skyline drawings based on walks around New York.

New York Abstract was inspired by walks during a trip to New York and the lasting impact of its skyline. A single line draws the skyline across a roll of paper, with a red thread to bind it, turning it into a small portable object. Both the positive and negative spaces of New York become visible through the drawn line. Its semi-wrapped presentation highlights both the public and private, personal, more hidden aspects of a skyline, whilst the drawing surface of the till receipt makes connections with the commercial capital associated with a place having a recognisable skyline.

New York Abstract was exhibited in Staff Room at the Michael Heseltine Gallery, Middleton Cheney in 2016.

Line has become increasingly important in my work, from Imagined Lines to land lines such as 11 Tracks and Groundlines. As with New York Abstract, there is a strong connection to identity and place too.