Letting it settle – hyphæ drawing collective

August 24, 2021

Earlier this year I met a group of artists through Drawing Correspondence which culminated in a publication, GROW.

We got on so well that we have since become friends and continued to meet regularly online to draw together. We’re now doing our first exhibition together which am really excited to be a part of and to invite you all to. Let me know if you’d like to join us for an afternoon with the artists on Saturday afternoon when we’ll be there, in-person or zooming in.

You can find out more about each of us, browse some of our artwork, and read about how we came together as a group, including why we chose the name hyphæ, at hyphaedrawing.art

Letting it settle is an exhibition of new work by hyphæ drawing collective, a group of ten artists who came together through drawing. These works emerged from six weeks of intensive remote collaboration.

Drawings can be seen as material thoughts, silting into an organic substrate, an understory. Affinities of touch and sensibility emerge, forming a tangle of resonances. 

9–13 September, 11-17h daily

Touchbase Gallery, 15 Tontine Street, Folkestone, CT20 1JT

hyphæ drawing collective

Aileen Harvey, Anna Rhodes, Edward Martin, Hondartza Fraga, Kim Plowright, Liz Horn, Nichola Scrutton, Petra Regent, Ruth Broadbent, Sarah Praill


Ruth Broadbent: Puddle World IV (detail)

I will be showing some Puddle Worlds in the exhibition alongside a small drawing that inspired the line used on the publicity, A line for hyphæ.

I’m also doing a walk.draw event, starting at the gallery, on the Saturday morning 11.30-13.00h.

Let me know if you might be interested in this (or other walk.draw events) and I’ll add you to my mailing list (or you can sign up for updates here). I’m hoping to do more with walk.draw in the coming months – send me a message if you’d like a walkshop or event near you, either in-person or online. Click on walk.draw in the menu to find out more.

Enjoy browsing the hyphæ drawing website and I look forward to maybe seeing some of you at the exhibition. I’ll be there at the weekend, with some of the artists being there at different times during the week, and others calling in via Zoom, so do pop in and say hello.

W A L K . D R A W

F o l k e s t o n e

Saturday 11 September

11.30 – 13.00h

Info and booking link here